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Arts & Music

Musicians, sculpturers, dancers, voice and visual artists. Music and the arts provide many opportunities for rural people to express their creativity. These stories highlight artisans, craftspeople, artists, and musicians.

Townhouse Session Players

Every Sunday evening at the TownHouse Brew Pub Antigonish a dedicated group of musicians take part in a classic Irish music session.
In 2016 the players recorded a CD which turned out to be a highly successful fundraiser for the local food bank.
Highlights from that recording session.


Old New Scotland

A slide show that explores in visual images (landscape and portrait paintings & drawings) and accompanied by words and poems, the sense of connection and longing that 19th Century Scottish immigrants to Nova Scotia felt for their lost homeland, their gradual and increasing attachment to their new home changed the landscape and created a “New Scotland”


Church Restoration

The Saint Ninian Cathedral in Antigonish was painted by the world renown french Canadian painter, Oziaz Leduc, in the early 1900’s.

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