PARNS Content

All of PARN’s content comes under the Creative Commons and the site is free to access. We want you to enjoy this site and to navigate it with ease. Yes, we would like to build an archive and do our bit to contribute to the sustainability and appreciation of rural lifestyles. But also very important to us is that you find the PARNS site to be accessible, informative and engaging.

Much potential PARNS content already exists through the work of active citizen storytellers across Nova Scotia. Often this content is already housed in other locations and on other sites. When you choose to submit your content to PARNS, your work always belongs to you.

For example, Tim Wilson’s films, “The Last Weir” and “Old Men of My Village: Bob Snider”, appear on the PARNS site but they are also available to view on his own site, . The attribution at the end of these films names Tim Wilson as the films’ creator and provides the viewer with a link. Hopefully, by showcasing his work on both sites, Tim’s work will reach an even wider audience. We place the films on our YouTube channel, so that the viewer can watch the films even if, for whatever reason, they are not available on Tim’s webpage.

We created content and we will continue to create content specifically for the site. At the same time, we will actively network with other storytellers across Nova Scotia. Our hope is that PARNS volunteer teams will form in other rural areas in Nova Scotia. We will continue to find ways to systematically visit every rural area to develop connections. We know the story possibilities are endless.


By submitting it to the People’s Archive of Rural Nova Scotia, you are granting us the right to publish that work, in perpetuity, on our website and to share the link through various social media channels. Contact us if you wish to remove your stories. All PARNS Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives, 4.0 International License.